Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prarambhika CBSE affiliated?

Yes, Prarambhika is CBSE affiliated (330564) up to 10+2. We offer Science, Arts and Commerce streams starting from session 2017-18

How was Prarambhika's performance in last 2018-19 CBSE exams?

In 2018-19, our average result was 9.43 CGPA. For the last 8 years Prarambhika has been in the top three schools in Bihar for English, Science and Maths Olympiad.

What is the teaching methodology used in Prarambhika?

Primary section:

The curriculum aims at the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of the children. It follows the principle of integrated education. Hands on experiences play a major role in nurturing the spirit of exploration and enquiry. Themes in the groups are taken keeping in mind the learning needs of the children. The language curriculum is designed to provide rich experiences in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Children build connections with language, math and science in their surroundings. To deal with a mathematical concept, concrete material, relevant situations and games are used. The Science curriculum provides opportunities for exploring, experimenting, observing and drawing conclusions. Sports curriculum lays emphasis on development of gross motor skills, stamina, flexibility, balance, strength and overcoming fear. Art, music, dance and theatre help children to express themselves and connect to their inner selves.

he senior school curriculum is designed to facilitate enquiry, research and rigorous study such that young people can connect with increasingly complex constructs with an enduring interest.

Middle and Senior classes:

Theme based curriculum approach continues in the middle and senior classes with project work spread out over longer periods of time and across discipline areas such as science, languages, arts, social science and mathematics. Through project work, children are encouraged to make fundamental connections with the processes of enquiry. Project presentations are often put together as exhibitions and models that are shared with different classes. In the middle & senior school, specific processes are also integrated with the curriculum to help children take the impending unit assessments and examinations with confidence. Our children are encouraged to take national examinations like Olympiad or McMillan’s International Assessment of Indian School examinations to ensure that our children are at par with peers across the country.

What is the classrooms capacity and do they have air conditioners?

Our typical class size is about 30 to 40 children. We strongly believe that a teacher can best manage and effectively teach a class of this size. Our junior classes from Pre Nur to Std II are fitted with AC. We monitor the cooling very closely so that the room is just cool enough for the children enjoy their time in the class.

What sports and extra curricular activities are conducted in Prarambhika?

Prarambhika has been in the top three schools in the last 4 years in Badminton. Our students have won the state level and reached the nationals. We also have a very good kho-kho team. Our Kabbadi team recently won the third position Inter School Kabbadi competition organised by Leeds Asian School amongst 14 schools. We extensively participate in Inter School Debate and Quiz competitions. Recently our Science Team have been selected to present their scince project at the National Level at Pune and Tirupati.

Does Prarambhika take admissions in the middle of the session?

Yes, we do take admission during the mid session up to August as permitted by CBSE.

Does Prarambhika have its own transport?

Yes, Prarambhika runs its own transport fitted with GPS and highly reliable drivers. You are able to view their vehicle movement on the school app on a smart phone.