Primary & Pre-Primary School

The Pre-Primary and Primary curriculum framework is based on Inter-disciplinary (cross curriculum) pedagogy. This pedagogy helps students to experience learning based on a phenonemon which crosses traditional subject boundaries. It is an in-depth guide to enquiry-based learning and teaching that is engaging, significant and challenging. This pedagogy is based on Finnish Education System, known as the best in the world.

The language curriculum is designed to provide rich experiences in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Children use daily life expereinces to learn languages, maths and science. To deal with a mathematical concept, concrete material, relevant situations and games are used. Our teaching methodology emphasizes the importance of the social outcome (empathy) of learning.

Across all levels, in our school, we give a special attention in using technology (Google Classroom and Khan Academy) in the best and positive way. We aim to train our students to understand and adopt the idea of using technology effectively from the Pre-Primary level.

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